Get to Know Belize’s Six Districts

Get to Know Belize’s Six Districts

If you’re considering moving to or investing in Belize, you’re going to want to get to know this country and its six districts. Like most countries, Belize is not just one large land mass. Each of these districts is a great place to invest, but once you’ve learned a little about them, you might find one is better for your vacation or home.

Belize District

At the heart of the country is the Belize District. It is one of the largest urban areas and is also the center of commerce, transportation, and national politics. Ambergris Caye and the most popular Mayan ruins, Altun Ha, are all located in this district, as are some of the country’s largest nature preserves.

Toledo District

This district is the southernmost in the country and shares a border with only Guatemala. Because of its proximity to this country, they share much of the same landscape and culture. This district is best for those who want a location that is a little more natural and remote, as this districts boasts huge swaths of untouched jungle and land.

Orange Walk District

Orange Walk is farther north, bordered by the Belize District on the west. Those that live near or in Belize City often visit Orange Walk if they want to get away from the bustle of the city, as driving into the district, you will find that the city quickly dissolves into beautiful, rural countryside.

Stann Creek District

This district is the gateway to the reef and to Honduras. It has some of the most magnificent beaches in the entire country, and is often the chosen district for those looking for environmentally-friendly activities like spelunking, hiking, and swimming. There are also a number of beautiful sanctuaries here.

Corozal District

This is the northernmost district in Belize and is only a short drive from Mexico. This district prides itself on being one of the most laid back in the country, and with miles and miles of land, it is ideal for someone who is looking for a slower, laid back life.

Cayo District

Cayo is the only district in Belize that doesn’t have a glimpse of the ocean, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth your time. You can easily drive or take public transportation to the ocean, and then spend the rest of your time zip lining through the jungle or exploring the underground caves.