Take a Day to Visit the Belize Zoo from Ambergris Caye

Take a Day to Visit the Belize Zoo from Ambergris Caye

If you are staying in Ambergris Caye or near this part of Belize, then you are near one of the country’s best attractions: the Belize Zoo. What makes this zoo so special? Take a day to explore the more than twenty-nine acres of enclosures and you’ll see why this is a favorite attraction amongst visitors to this country. If you’re not yet sure whether or not you should include this in your long list of activities, here are just some of the reasons to visit this beautiful zoo:

1.     Huge variety of animals to see – All of the animals in this zoo were either born in captivity or were rescued from traps or dangerous situations. They are all native to this country and with over a hundred different species to see and enjoy, you can fill an entire day simply by taking a stroll around this zoo and looking for these animals in their enclosures.

2.     More like a refuge than a zoo – If the concept a zoo seems a little inhumane, you’ll like the setup of the Belize Zoo. Not only do they take special care of their animals in order to make sure that they are happy and looked after, the zoo itself is less a zoo than a refuge. It serves to rehabilitate animals that are preparing to be returned to the wild or as a safe place for injured animals to live. 

3.     Your visit helps support animal rescues – Many of the animals in this zoo were rescued from exotic animal breeders and owners. This zoo gives them the opportunity to live freely in their natural habitat and those who visit help to support the rescue efforts of this zoo and zoos like it.

4.     Nearby Belize City and Ambergris Caye – If you are staying in or near either of these two locations, the Belize Zoo is well within a day’s drive. Located on a sprawling patch of natural jungle, it is a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city and is a great place to bring kids or even to simple tour as an adult. 

The Belize Zoo is one of the country’s crowning glories and stands as a memorial for the nationwide desire to protect the natural flora and fauna that call this country home.