Top Tourism Attractions In Belize

Top Tourism Attractions In Belize

Belize has been an underground place in the past, but recently it is gaining a lot of popularity due to the tourist attractions that it has. Following are some of the top tourist attractions in Belize that are worth visiting when you travel to Belize.

Belize Zoo

Belize Zoo is undoubtedly the best tourist attraction in Belize, and anyone visiting Belize cannot go back home without visiting this zoo. It is a really small zoo spread on a 29 acre land, due to which it is called “The Best Little Zoo in the World”. Although this is a small zoo, it is still home to a lot of animals and species. This very zoo holds more than 120 species of animals, and all these animals are native to this country. If you love animals like jaguars, snakes and crocodiles, this is a must visit place for you.

The Cayes

Belize is home to hundreds of islands that you will be able to spot off the coast and these islands are best places to go to and relax. You can take pictures there; have fun on the beach along with many other possible activities. One of the most notable cayes in Belize that is worth mentioning is Ambergris Caye. It is a very fancy tourist spot that is not only a perfect place for divers due to barrier reef, but it is also suitable for family holidays. The resorts on Amergris Caye are quite expensive but worth the money.

Caye Caulker is also quite famous in Belize but you would not find a lot of conventional tourists here. A lot of backpackers visit Caye Caulker since it has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere without a touristy look to it.


Belize has several caves as well that are worth exploring, and if you love history or are a student of anthropology, then exploring the caves is a must. These caves were basically used for entrance by the Mayans and the Mayans kept their Gods in these caves. If you get a chance to visit the caves you will be able to find many Mayan relics along with other evidences that indicate how Mayans made sacrifices and how they conducted ceremonies.

Barrier Reef

Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the world that stretches for more than 180 miles. Due to the variety in marine life that Belize has, this has become perhaps the most popular tourist attraction and in the tourist season you will be able to see a lot of people here.

St. John’s Cathedral

This is the oldest Anglican church that you will be able to find in South America and it is a very amusing place to visit not only for the religious ones. It is built beautifully with red bricks, and these bricks were brought by the English in their ships in the past during the 1800s. If you have read about it in history or just like to learn, then this is a must visit place.