5 Tips for Traveling Belize

5 Tips for Traveling Belize


Belize is the ultimate destination for those that want a tropical vacation without the typical tropical destination price tag. If you are planning a trip to Belize, here are five tips that will make your vacation easier:

1.     Be friendly. Belizeans are going to be friendly to you, so be friendly back. People might stop you and talk for a minute about where you are from and where you’re going—be nice to them. Belize’s tourism industry is still fairly new and the people are naturally congenial and want to get to know new people. Being friendly and open to new experiences should be part of the whole Belize package, so make an effort to be friendly when people are nice to you.

2.     Respect the wildlife. One of the great things about choosing Belize for your vacation is all of the natural attractions and activities there are to do. Belize is very protective of their land and the animals that life on it, so be respectful. There’s nothing more annoying than a disrespectful tourist in any country, but it is especially important to be gracious about the plants and animals that Belizeans share their country with.

3.     Toss the schedule out the window. Sure, there are plenty of activities that you can schedule and those tour companies and dive organizers will stick to those schedules. But part of the fun of Belize is just going where the wind takes you, when it decides to take you there. If you’re so focused on checking off activities and sticking to a schedule, you’re going to be frustrated by late buses and slow service. Just let it go and have fun! 

4.     Don’t stay in the city. There’s lots to do in Belize City and it can be tempting just to stay there for the duration of your trip. Don’t do it! There’s lots to do outside of the city. If you’re staying on Ambergris Caye, for example, you might not even make it into the city, there is so much to do on the islands and in the water surrounding the mainland.

5.     Travel during the “winter.” Belize’s winter is April through August. This is also known as the off-peak season. Not only will resorts and plane tickets be less expensive, there will be fewer people crowding the attractions.