Typical Costs of Vacationing in Belize

Typical Costs of Vacationing in Belize

Those who want to travel to Belize but have never been there before might not know how much they need to budget in order to visit this beautiful country. The very first accommodation you should worry about is undoubtedly your hotel or resort. This is generally the biggest cost, whether you stay at a five-star resort on Ambergris Caye or you choose a hotel in one of Belize’s other locations.

While you might spend most of your day outside of your hotel or resort, having a clean and friendly place to return to at night can make or break your trip. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more in order to get a room at a resort that you absolutely love—it will make coming back to your accommodations after a day out on the water or exploring the ruins more comfortable. Hotel rates in Belize really depend on the season.

Food, on the other hand, is a much more set cost that is fairly predictable. Depending on the size of your party, you might be looking at around 30 BZD a day for eating at restaurants or from street food vendors. Belize has thousands of delicious restaurants to try for those that have an unlimited budget and for those that are trying to save a little bit of money. One of the biggest bonuses of traveling to Belize is the abundance of fresh fruit that you can find very cheap just about everywhere. It makes a great snack!

Getting around the country is also easy and cheap. The public transportation system is very good and very inexpensive, with buses running just about anywhere you might want to go. There are also taxis that can take you directly to your destination and there are ferries that run in between the mainland and many of the islands. Bus fare, taxis, and ferries will all be less than 40 BZD a trip.

Unlike many countries that hike the cost of their activities in order to milk tourists for money, entrance to most of Belize’s most popular attractions is fairly affordable. Most of the national parks and ruins cost about 20 BZD to enter. Most day trips and tours will start at around 80 BZD per person, and will often include the price of food and entrance fees.