What Makes Belize Special?

What Makes Belize Special?


Belize is an interesting place. With beautiful Cayes surrounded by clear blue water, warm, clean beaches, and towering palm trees, there is a lot about this country’s natural beauty that makes it a unique place to visit. The beauty of the country has been confirmed again and again, with thousands of people voting Ambergris Caye specifically as the best island in the world.

There is also Belize’s Mayan roots, which still permeate the country. The ruins are major attractions and it’s hard not to feel small and also inspired by the temples and other religious sites that still remain, overgrown in the jungle. Anyone who visits these sites is sure to be amazed not just by the size of them, but also by the architecture and the carvings. There is plenty of history to learn about, and even if you’re not a history buff, getting a sense for the culture that built a huge and successful civilization long before explorers from Europe came to this area is actually fun. The food of Belize, which is still heavily influenced by Mayan cuisine, is also extremely good.

And then there’s the wildlife itself. There is perhaps no other country in the world that has the sheer number of wildlife preserves in place. Belize is very protective of their natural spaces and the animals that live there, especially because many of those animals are endangered. The ability to catch a glimpse of playful howler monkeys, whale sharks, iguanas, colorful birds, bright tropical fish, and more all on the same day is one that cannot be beat.

The natural spaces, too, are incredible. Many of the Mayan ruin sites are near beautiful caves, and there are whole systems of caves that streams run through. You can float down the river and see exotic wildlife on the banks, revel in the history of the country, or enjoy some world class cuisine from a tiny restaurant in a tiny Belizean village.

But what really makes Belize special is the people. They are friendly, congenial people that approach visitors with kindness and a desire to help. It’s just part of Belize’s culture: to make others feel welcome, and when that friendliness is reciprocated, a visitor is sure to be treated like a local.