What to Know about Belize’s Blue Hole before You Go

What to Know about Belize’s Blue Hole before You Go


Diving Belize’s Blue Hole is on the bucket list of just about every diver in the world. While it is definitely a beautiful sight from the air and even from the surface of the water, actually diving in the giant sinkhole is a truly unique experience that almost no other diving venues can offer. Before you suit up and dive in, however, there are a few things you should know.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Unlike many of the other diving spots around Belize, where there is plenty of colorful marine wildlife, the Blue Hole is largely void of life. The deeper your diver, the fewer colors there will be. While it might not be the wonderland that the nearby reefs are, diving into the Blue Hole is like diving into another planet. The stalactites give the descent and otherworldly appearance and the change to encounter magnificent reef sharks is high. While there is plenty to see—the Blue Hole is not a reef and doesn’t host the colorful fish that many divers expect to see.

Your Dive Will Probably Be Short

When you scuba dive in the shallows around a reef, your air will last much longer than it will when you descend into the depths of the Blue Hole. Each diver has limited air, and larger divers will use their air up faster than smaller divers. Because it is just so deep, many divers only get to about a half hour’s dive, though those who have done it say that the shortened dive is more than worth the sights below water.

Pick the Right Diving Operator

There are plenty of great operators to choose from in Belize, but when it comes to diving in the Blue Hole, you want an operator who has lots of experience with this area and is confident. Reef sharks, while not very dangerous, can still frighten some divers, and having a calm, cool, and collected operator can make the depths and the sharks a little less frightening.

Plan on Making a Day of It

Don’t try to squeeze diving the Blue Hole in with other activities. The journey out to and back from the sinkhole can take considerable time. You don’t want to have to cut the expedition short because you’ve planned other activities during that day!