What You Can See When You Dive Esmeralda Canyons

What You Can See When You Dive Esmeralda Canyons


Whether you only have time to take one dive while you are in Belize or you are planning a number of different dives for your time here, make sure that Esmeralda Canyons is at the top of your list. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places to dive not just in Belize, but in all of Central America, and gives you one of the best views of the Barrier Reef in this area.

The reef itself extends into long canyons, built by coral and the ridges are inhabited by thousands of different species of fish and anemones. There are also predators in these waters, like lobsters, eels, nurse sharks, and rays. Some of the best diving is only five minutes from Sand Pedro on Ambergris Caye, so if you are looking to do some scuba diving, on this Caye is definitely a perfect place to stay.

While the water can sometimes be a little choppy on the surface, the right dive operator will help even inexperienced divers get into the water, and once you are under the surface, the water is very calm, especially once you start exploring the canyons of the reef.

The deeper your dive into the canyons, the higher chance you have of seeing eels and nurse sharks. Most nurse sharks hang out on the ocean floor, and the moray eels in this area are not afraid of humans and will often come out of their homes in the lower parts of the coral to look at them. Many creatures will come right up to divers, but as your operator will probably tell you, touch these creatures is not a good idea. They might touch you, but they’re not dogs and cats and usually don’t like to be stroked.

There is a sandy clearing on the south end of some of the reef canyons that is a good place to look back at the reefs and see the full scale of them and the glimmer of the fish that live around the reef as they dart back and forth. This diving spot offers the opportunity to encounter lots of different sea life and to see some of the most diverse wildlife in the region.