5 Reasons Belize Is Actually Paradise

5 Reasons Belize Is Actually Paradise


You’ll hear most coastal Central American and Caribbean countries claim to be paradise. Only Belize really is paradise! Here are five things that prove our theory:

1.     The weather – You will not find better weather outside of Belize. Though there are the occasional dry and wet spells, for the most part, Belize is constantly warm, sunny, and beautiful. Even longtime citizens of this country will marvel at the extremely temperate climate. The warm weather makes this the ideal destination for travel during months that might be too hot or too cold in other parts of the world.

2.     Very affordable – When looking for an affordable place to travel or live abroad, you might not think a tropical country could provide either of those things. However, because Belize is largely undiscovered, it is still one of the most inexpensive places to travel and live. Hotels are surprisingly affordable, even in touristy parts of the country like Ambergris Caye. Property is still very inexpensive to buy, so those looking for an investment or a vacation home will definitely find their paradise in Belize.

3.     Endless events – If there is anything Belize is known for throughout the world, it is their festivals and events. Lobster Fest is one of the biggest, that draws people from all over the world for three weekends of lobster extravaganza, but there are dozens of festivals and events throughout the year that provide food and fun for all ages. 

4.     Modern amenities – Much of the world still holds on the outdated idea that because Belize is in Central America, it must be a developing country. In fact, the exact opposite is true. While there is plenty of untouched jungle, Belize’s cities are filled with modern conveniences and the comforts of home. There’s internet, medical care, clean and modern hotels, secure banks, and an international airport. Belize’s currency is also extremely stable, since it is pegged to the American dollar.

5.     Welcoming Belizeans – Many countries are filled with unfriendly locals that hate tourists and travelers. Again, the opposite is true for Belize. Because tourism is still so new in this part of the world, the locals love foreigners and do everything in their power to make them feel at home and welcomed in their country. This is a huge bonus for people that want to move to or retire in Belize.